World Peace Day Approaches ( 1st Sept)

I’ve had an invite ‘for a day excursion from Datcha, to the Greek Island of to Symi’, for those who may not know Datcha is on the west coast of Turkey between Bodrum and Marmaris’ and it is all a bit of a laugh as I lived on Symi for many years and am still trying to disassociate myself with all things Greek.

Sadly I can’t take up the offer, I am working in the UK on that date, I would like to go sailing on the ‘PERI’, especially as the captain Hasan fondly know as ‘Kasanaki’ which means something rather rude in Greek, is an old friend of many years.

It just so happen that I have been looking into Gullet holidays, and was planning to go at the end of Sept. Vessel unnamed as yet. Only yesterday I received an email from Sunnsea Holidays, with all the options. I’m considering the Marmaris -Datcha coast rather than the Fethye- Gockek route for the simple reason I would like to stop in Datcha to see friends but more importantly I am desperate to get my haircut! I haven’t had a decent cut anywhere else in a long time.

I know Datcha better than Gockek both are very nice places, so it is really down to my travelling companions to choose.

What is fantastic is that a British Girl and a Turk can communicate online in the Greek Language.


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