Training with the Police?

Now that I’m finding my routine the job is getting a bit easier, Mr Watson is out playing golf which gives us all a bit of a break from each other 😉 and means I can plug the broadband into my laptop so I feel connected to the rest of the world. Just for the record I have made a note to myself, never to return to a job, where I have no mobile coverage and can’t use my laptop in my room. I’m doing a job, not a confinement sentence to be cut off from society for weeks at a time.

This morning I have had help from the good old family retainer, daily, bless, but she doesn’t have a clue when it comes to lifting. Of course she has gone home now, so here I am having cooked and got Mrs Watson, in her into the sling and hoisted onto the bed for a rest after lunch, yet again I am bending all the rules and regulations of manual handling and patient lifting, really I shouldn’t be doing this alone even if it is easier to do it that way! Mr Watson is what Agency call the second carer when it comes to manual handling! ;-(

I’m looking forward to updating my CIEH Principles of manual handling training with the course on the 9th Oct perhaps it would be appropriate for him to do one too? FAT Chance..

Last night I was rather put to the test, asked if I knew what flavours Earl Grey – well of course I do, and I can answer that question with confidence. Silly old twit was just testing me out. Rather condescending really. Just for the record it now four years ago, since I was on a tea plantation in India! Private joke for Jean: Do you think I should have let him know I speak Greek better than the Cypriots in Margate?

West Kent College is now training Kent Police in manual handling, there could be some serious talent, oh did I say that I mean students.


2 thoughts on “Training with the Police?

  1. They all have extending truncheons now Lisa!

  2. well I only go for the boys with big ones! now now less of the smutt.. 😉

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