No Corduroys or Candlewick bedspreads

In my line of business I come across all sorts of people and their homes, admittedly those I meet at work is limited to those only with the social economic means to pay through the nose for care, (I don’t sell myself cheap) and by the time agencies have added another 20% per week on top of my fees, it all adds up to quite a hefty charge.

Currently working in leafy Sussex, in what can only be described as idyllic surroundings, and ultimate luxurious comfort. We have the very best of everything although sometime not much of it ! 😉 If I were not on a diet, I might have something to say about being hungry!

The one cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the evening made me realise much caffeine I normally drink in a day. The only saving grace is that it is the real a real McCoy pukka cuppa, Kenyan coffee of the finest quality, freshly ground each day, for breakfast it is so good it would be sacrilege to put in either milk or sugar and nothing but the fines of first flush Darjeeling tea, at four thirty in the afternoon of course. Lovely delicate flavour, but very different from the normal constant cups of Sainsbury’s red label made from a tea bag!! Just call me uncouth because normally I take milk in my coffee.

I have never been a jobs worth sort of person, but sometimes wonder if perhaps I should be, I’m reaching my fill of condescending twits.

Think to myself, how things have changed, for it is not uncommon for the staff to be better educated and further travelled than the memsahib who may well know how to arrange flowers, and play bridge and give constant orders which I’m starting to find rather annoying, especially as I’m busting my guts when it comes to manual handling and moving a patient alone, which as everyone involved is very aware it is not acceptable.

It’s a long working day from 8 in the morning till 8 at night, and the patient is one thing, her husband’s constant help )-: is another. He has every good intention, what else can I say. Saving grace the pompous Old Haileyburian is not wearing corduroy’ s or expecting me to sleep under a candlewick bedspread. The affectation with full cream milk and going through the bin’s, seems to be an old school trait. ( He shows all the annoying habits of someone else I know rather well!)

On a positive note, I can feel the effects of joining the gym, and have been keeping up the exercise best I can with short morning run and a few squats and press-ups in my room. All the manual lifting, and restricted but very good diet will be having a good effect even if I do ache in the upper arms, and can feel the pain whenever I have to walk down the stairs!

My personal mantra is work hard play hard, only right now; It seems a long time since I did much of the play hard, and Im only back at work three days after a week off! Looking forward to late September when I can take some time out to catch the end of the summer season.

I haven’t seen any news, other than the cricket which is a bit of an obsession here. (-;

The crappy Vodafone reception is driving me nuts


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