Adventures New

Packing up 20 odd years in Greece is no easy thing, my life in four large bags. I hump onto the ferry for one last time. A hot day, and a final ride on the Dodecanese Pride.

A taxi to the Savoy Hotel, dinner at Mama Sofia’s at the top of the old town in Rhodes, near the clock tower where I had the best Greek fish meal that I have had for a long time, and back to the hotel for a siesta.

The ghost hour night flight, and normal hassles of Rhodes airport, is more bearable in to cool of the evening. The new airport departure building is spacious, and cool but of course it is still a case of hunt the elusive trolley, even though the airport is quiet. I reach the front of the que, and load four large bags onto the scales, take them off the scales and back onto the trolley go and hide around the corner, then add a few more heavy possessions, and then que again and re-load them onto the security screening and the be carried off and away on the black belt – where the airlines to do their thing, and fingers crossed that they will not disappear into the dark hole of lost and found.

Not much time for duty free shopping, but I did by a few Greek goodies (1 large and heavy tin of olive oil, and some other edible goodies that will satisfy my taste buds when I miss Greece. The flight was nothing more than cattle class, but it was ontime, and even arrived in Gatwick early! It seemed strange when the crew wished us a safe onward journey home.

Though immigration and then find a coin to release a trolley from pack of a hundred or more, they take pounds euro’s or twenty-five us cents. Load the bags and head to the car park for the trip home! Yes to my new home and good-bye Symi.


4 thoughts on “Adventures New

  1. I thought you had a new place and were coming back?!?!?!?

  2. You've gone!! Didn't get to see you 😦

  3. Good luck Lisa, with whatever life throws at you…and I hope it's good!

  4. I thought I was coming back too. The place I had lined up, fell though –

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