Day at Panormitis Symi

Dressed in t-shirt and flip flops, I filled the petrol tank and headed out of town. Sun and the smell of mountain herbs, origano and sage, the roads empty, except for the occasional baby lamb or goat.

In the church at Panormitis the ladies of the parish were polishing the silver in preperation of Easter. The guys busy building a stone wall, within the grounds, and a few of the cells open to air them before the visitors start to arrive and beds out in the sunshine airing.

Panormitis was truly at its best, in brilliant spring sunshine, chatter and laughter rising from the courtyard as the women clean. Fisherman tending his nets on a small boat in the harbour, calls me over to say hello.

Looking over at a Sweedish yacht tied to the jetty, I see a pair of fins sticking out of the water and realise that someone is diving for octopus, with a speargun. the water is clear and looks warm and inviting, shame I didn’t take my costume.

Still few people about but every day now we see fresh faces, and in the harbour a couple of boats have started to arrive. I caught the sun and my nose is now as pink as the T-shirt that I’m wearing. My arms reddy brown, and a clear line, marks the vneck line of my shirt. It feels that summer has arrived.

Dinner with friends tonight – all in all, a lovely day to be on Symi


1 thought on “Day at Panormitis Symi

  1. I looks like a misty February morning here, I can't see the far side of the field and the central heating, which didn't go on during the day yesterday, is now very much on!

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