Symi Harbour in the Sunshine

Taking a break from my studies I went down to the harbour to sit in the sun, enjoy a coffee and perhaps a sandwich. The only choice of cafe bar, in Symi Harbour right now, that is not nicotine, and take your chance at lung cancer, in the passive smoking gas chamber tent, is Pacos or Elpidas.

Neither places have real coffee, Nor, food! Both have the sun shades up so you sit in the cold shade!

People come here for the sunshine not to join Tent City

One would never know it, but smoking is actually forbidden in public places in Greece, where 45 percent of adults smoke. It is banned on all public transport, in closed public spaces, on domestic flights and in health-care facilities. “Regardless, some people abuse it,” says Pantelis Vekios of the Health Ministry. “It happens a lot in Greece. If your boss smokes and you can’t say anything to him because he’ll fire you, what can you do?”

It’s nothing more than lawless


2 thoughts on “Symi Harbour in the Sunshine

  1. Please don't knock us smokers, Lisa – we keep the tax burden off you over here and we're still persecuted.

  2. You also fill the hospital beds.

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