Sun on my skin and silly hat on my head.

I spent the early morning, ‘nose to screen’ getting my Open University assignment finished. Well at last it is done, submitted and sent in. Now I can get on with reading books I like rather than so boring set course books. A whole week before the deadline- Wow, it’s a first; normally I’m sitting up half the night trying to get it in before the midnight deadline. I’ve been seriously cramming the books, the last week, or so, and almost anti-social as I haven’t really been out and about much at all.

Let’s hope the weather stays so good and I can now make the most of the glorious Greek sunshine. This time of year is simply the best; I can stay out in the sun all day long without getting burnt to a frazzle, apart from my nose, which is red already.

There was a time, this winter when have forgotten what I actually look like without at least a bit of suntan. I spent more time in the UK, and boy oh boy was it grey and cold. six week ago, I was in deep snow, stranded on trains outside Cambridge with overhead lines down.

It seems a whole world away!


1 thought on “Sun on my skin and silly hat on my head.

  1. I've got news for you Lisa, it's still bloody grey and cold!

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