Paying the Bills in Symi

Bills Bills and more Bills

Electricity Bill
It has arrived! and its the big one I have been expecting, payable by the 19th of March! It may have been sitting in the box for a while. For more than 10 years of underpayment it could be worse, and I was at least prepared for it. The notice of disconnection has finally gone from the bottom of the bill I will pay it at the bank next time I go down town, either today or tomorrow, so OFFICIALLY all my debts will be cleared!

Bike Insurance
Due at the end of the month, I was expecting that, it may even go down, as I will have had no claims in the past 12 months!

The phone bill (two monthly)and Internet charges, has already gone through by direct debit, so that’s one less to worry about. Actually since I have been using Skype more, the phone bill has gone down.

It is a good thing to have cleared all my debts. Things here don’t seem so bad now it the house has been cleaned; I have had a decent meal and a good night’s sleep. I was truly exhausted, not only the travelling but the weeks of disturbed nights at work in the U.K. had caught up with me.

My assignments due in to the university in ten days- So I’m assigning myself 8 – 10 hours of study a day. Four hours study in the morning, and more hours of reading notes, and writing in the evening soon as the sun goes from the terrace. As some of my course books have only just caught up with me I have a lot of reading to cram.

Honestly I’m here working, just trying to be NOT to distracted.. Please feel free to email me, or leave short message on Twitter. I could do with some positive nice remarks.. The phone is on answer machine, and the social media switched to do not disturb.

Thanks to all my friends for the support they offered, I don’t feel so pissed off with everything here now.


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  1. ops did it again: "It the house"

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