Missing the Marmite!

After spending some time online contacting friends, discussing travel arrangements, arranging meetings, (a eutheanisum for social life, away from this rock) and some work.

Receive an email from my travel agent, telling the flight times have been re-scheduled and now I have a five and half hours wait in Athens. At least they had the courtesy to keep me informed, this time 😉

I chose to travel with Olympic Airlines, not the cheapest, but the connections good, and in the event of the ferry not running (sorry to keep on about it) they are in general quite accommodating.

Well now I am pissed off with them. Moan, Rant.
Never going to use them again – until next time 😉

During the last 4 return journeys, a total of 16 flights. – Olympic Airlines have managed to;

Re-route my luggage twice and damage a tough backpack, it carried not only my clothes, but fond memories, and survived roughing it overland busses trains and the like through India & Tibet.

Bumped me off the lunchtime flight onto the evening flight three times, which I suspect is economic rather than technical.

Offer inflight entertainment, that is nothing but a marketing film from the Greek Tourist Board, I’ve seen on every trip repeating over and over again about This wonderful country, the sale has been made folks, I’ve paid and on the seat! How about some entertainment, not bl**dy advertising.

By the way the coffee is so bad I cannot drink it, strong statement made from a caffeine addict at 5.30 in the morning, in need of a fix.

The team at lost and found in Rhodes, Diagoras Airport, do their bit and are helpful, if a little surprised, when offered a copy of the ferry timetable, (Courtesy of Greek Travel Pages) and asked if they could please send my bags on. Explaining that this was just part of a long trip. Started with a bumpy, bus journey from Canterbury, in the South of England, thanks to British Rails Engineering works, and not yet ended, with a wait in Rhodes due delayed flight and consequentially missing the ferry, please could they help me 😉 I’m exhausted, and need to go into town. Grovel is always the best way to get things done.I wanted to say: I entrusted my belongings into your care, and it is your legal responsibility to deliver it on my arrival. But they are just doing a job, and I need their help.

Bless them they phoned two days later to tell me they were putting it on the boat, just a shame they don’t know when questioned which boat!

My bag caught up with me, and this time didn’t end up with an overnight stop at Panormits! Yes that has happened too, all-be-it some years ago.

A shiny new case, and a Christmas pressie in the sales, I used to joke that the old bag knew its way to Symi without me, this one is still learning the route variations 😉

I’m still missing my jar of marmite, – bummer that sucks..


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