Do They Want My Money?

An early start to the day, as I attempt to pay the electricity bill. Arrive 08.30am and the guys are locking up the office, to going off out to do the other duties, putting meters in, fixing lines, I don’t actually know what. Helpfully, they tell me to call the Rhodes office, explained which details to give them in order to find out how much I owe, and come back tomorrow, EARLY to pay.. Laugh, if Im going to do that I may as well just pay over the phone with the credit card.. Then I think about it, maybe I can simply pay online,in this instance, I have no intention to set up a direct debit, but am happy to pay online.

Oh well if they don’t want my money!

It’s one of those lovely mornings, sun is shining and Symi is truly beautiful, I spot the donkey outside the hardware store take a stroll around the harbour watch the fish swimming between the boats, before getting a few bits and pieces of shopping.

It don’t get fresher than that!


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