Lingo of Environment

Hey mate: let’s get back to the bar! Life’s too short, one day we’ll both be ‘Pushing up Daisies’

Like most people, I speak differently @ the bar or social club, to that of the work place. In the Greek language however, I struggle with Language Style, and sometimes make embarrassing, or funny errors.

Years ago, as a young holiday rep, and new to the Greek language, I escorted a scared pregnant woman to the surgery and not knowing the correct word for pregnancy, announced to the Doctor in my best attempt of formal Greek ‘She’s up the Duff ’ – He simply smiled, and later corrected my mistake, bless him, I was so embarrassed.

“Anyone who is struggling to learn another language will know that it can take much more than simply words and grammar to communicate a meaning. Indeed, there is an expression that the UK and the USA are divided by a common language, so great is the potential for misunderstanding even in a shared language.” (K260- Open University Course Materials 2009)

Academic expert in social relations Alan Radley argues:
“Because language is a shared medium of communication, it affects how we conceptualise social life, including our social and personal relationships.
This sharing is not universal, in that social groups may differ in their language use. …
… individuals can use different language codes (or styles) depending on
whom they are with , and according to their purpose at that time. The scope
of this use is affected by the person’s position of power relative to others.” (Radley, 1996, p. 41)

Alexis – I thank you for the corrections and this week’s lesson ‘Formal Greek Grammar’ – Hey mate: let’s get back to the bar! Life’s too short, one day we’ll both be ‘Pushing up Daisies’

I made an early start to the day. Taking a break, putting on my boots to go down town and try and pay the electricity bill! One boot on and the ‘heavens open’. – Oh what a lovely idiom

Have a Coffee, Check my Mail, Twitter a bit:
Yesterdays comments about flaming, Today’s Twitter Support

For those of you bold enough to experiment with new media & try new approaches don’t let your critics discourage you – (MikeElliot)

The Tweet had a link distracted me and made me laugh!!

My Personal Mail Box: The boring but essential stuff, bank statements and bills.

My Academic mail box: Full of comments from students about flaming, most have come to their own conclusions, and that my dear friend’s was the reason for postponement of response.


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