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Collaborative learning:

Over breakfast this morning, a bit of a lazy start to the day, after an evening in Georges Taverna – I pondering on a student’s comments about an academic blog. ‘Is it really necessary?’

The Reasons to Blog
Thoughts about online learning

The Net is a communication medium, not just a delivery of information.

Learning is a social process.

Working collaboratively can improve a student’s concept,even that of the strongest student, as each student brings something different.

A student’s academic blog, is a place to communicate thoughts about studies. To share your interest with other students or the wider world should they be interested, to read it.

Use the internet, share your thoughts.

Work, play, sports clubs, residential community, we may belong to different social groups, these things occasionally overlap, we share information with each other, in a social way.

This blog is NOT a website about Where I live, Work I do, or the Weather, there are many websites, journals and books offering that specialist information. My aim here is to ‘communicate’ general thoughts – Whatever, they be.


3 thoughts on “Education – blogging..

  1. Thanks Lisa – Please can you give me some tips on how to blogSally

  2. Whatever.. I'm enjoying the blog. Keep 'em coming.Kieran

  3. Sally, I have sent you some links that might help you get started.Happy blogging

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