Waiting for the Boat

On Route to the post office this morning, I could hear the police shouting and looked up to see a new bunch of immigrant faces on the terrace outside the police station, they must have arrived last night they looked terrified poor sods.

I hope there is a chance that these folk will be processed before the departure of the 2pm ferry, and ponder on what their fate will be. Our little island has nowhere to accommodate them. Returning down the steps by the post office, I notice that the Glaros rent a car terrace, now has cars parked on it.

Later, in the coffee shop, gossip, that yet another has perished. (un-confirmed) I wonder how many have perished on route before they get into Europe… and think to myself about Amir’s friend who died in the smoke fumed truck as he crossed from Afghanistan to Pakistan – Only last night was I reading it.

The whole world‘story’ of people trafficking is a horrific reality and not simply fiction.

Sunshine and calm seas, and the ferry service is working in my favour, so heading to the big smog – all going well will be back home about 10pm. I know it’s a lot of effort for a trip to the supermarket, but needs must. Of course I have other jobs to do over in Rhodes, importantly I need to gets some keys cut, and visit the offices of the electricity board. Today the BIG ship is sailing, will take the moped, somehow doubt I will have time to do all today, hopefully the key cutting place will be open, as that is sort of urgent….

The last stop will be the takeaway, so that I can have supper on the boat on the way home, fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t pick up or I won’t feel much like eating… Oh the joy of island life!


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