Infant Dead – Read More

Out with Hugo last night, and learn from Nodas that there have been 11,000 illegal emigrants arrived on our Island in the past year, (fact not confirmed). The situation here looks both very sad, and also frightening and I am shocked to see these people sleeping outside the rent a bike shop for three days especially after all they have been though.

Coast guard officials immediately dispatched two vessels in the area and plucked 18 of the drowning immigrants from the water. An infant, which was only 40 days old, was lost in the effort.

Seriously I wonder how long it will be before the arrival figures, of illegal emigrants outweigh that of tourism. People here ‘po po’ the idea, but don’t forget Symi’s tourism is very much a seasonal thing and totally dependent on the European economy.

Holiday companies go into administration every day, yes some people will travel independently, but all in all there are fewer charter-flights touching down at the airport, every bum on a seat has a wallet in its pocket, with the current exchange rate, that wallet is a third lighter. For every airbus that does not arrive that is 360 light wallets not landing. To deny it is nothing more than stupid.

Sunshine and wind

Perfect day to do those boring jobs like housework and laundry – I guess get it done! Life always feels good in a clean house with sun streaming through the windows.


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